Reiki is a gentle practice of directing healing, soothing energies to the body. The energy field around the body has an innate intelligence and will pick up and direct these energies to those parts of the body that need them the most. This is an incredibly relaxing treatment and is highly recommended for anyone who is stressed and overtired. It is a short session of only 30 minutes and is ideal for slotting into a busy lifetstyle. It’s the equivalent of giving yourself an energy boost.

Reiki is such a gentle non-invasive therapy and I have many clients who used it as a way of dipping their toe into the world of energy healing. Once they feel the benefits they may progress to more investigative and active explorations of their energy field.

Reiki makes an excellent complementary therapy for anyone who is doing deep dive journey work or psychotherapy; or who may be going through something profound or life changing such as a divorce, move to a new home, change of job, birth of a baby, bout of illness, chemotherapy… in fact anything that has one feeling fraught and stretched thin. Making space for your body to receive this healing energy is an act of the highest self care.

Sessions are online, last around 30 minutes and cost ZAR500 / USD55 / GBP 40.

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