Full body scan & chakra balance

Working online I am able to connect with your energy field. I will scan the four aspects of your etheric body for blockages in energy flow. We then balance the four bodies to create a state of resonance and flow leaving you feeling centered and more in touch with yourself. Within your body you have seven main chakra centers. Each chakra holds valuable information relating to different aspects of your life. When we are in balance the energy flow is uninterrupted and resonance is in play. Where imbalance is apparent energy blockages can occur which show up in your life as feelings of discomfort or areas of stress and difficulty.

The four aspects of self: The human body is comprised of the physical (blood and bones) vehicle through which we travel our daily existence. What we are often unaware of is the etheric or energetic form around our body. There are four bodily aspects to our humanity being physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. These are held within your aura, think of it as an egg shaped swirl of energy around you at four different densities. All are contained by the sanscarra or energetic ‘skin’ as it were. Every part of you is replicated in each of these four aspects. By learning to read the etheric bodies and by picking up early warning signs of blockages to energy flow, one can take corrective action to stave off an illness or physical ailment in the actual body. Everything in nature has its own frequency and nature craves resonance. Living out of balance in any of your four aspects can create an imbalance that can lead to dis-ease and to you living a life that is out of focus and beneath the full potential of your soul.

Chakra balancing: We also have a powerful network of energy centers called Chakras that operate in our bodies as well. There are seven main Chakras running through the body from top to bottom and these include the Crown, Brow, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Base Chakras. Each governs a different aspect of your life and information relating to those aspects is stored here together with the full blue print for the life that you planned. By scanning for blockages or excessive activity in these seven chakras we are able to gather much information for you to use to bring balance and harmony to your life. By releasing any blockages in energy flow, this brings the body back to a state of resonance. Any information that the body offers me will be relayed to you and affords you the opportunity of self examination. Any area where energy is blocked bears some scrutiny. A simple balancing may leave you feeling better temporarily, but unless you examine what the underlying cause of the blockage is and make some changes to your way of living then you will lose that state of resonance once again. Healing is always the responsibility of the client. The facilitator will only give you guidance as to where to look and can create an impermanent state of resonance for you to work your way back to. Self knowledge is key for self empowerment and the more that you can learn about yourself the easier it is to make decisions about how to redirect yourself to achieve a happier more comfortable state of being that is aligned with pure love energy.

This session is non-invasive and relaxing. The responsibility for healing remains always with the client. I am simply there to listen to your body and to guide you to where you can begin to look for the answers you seek.

Sessions are conducted online, last 60-90 minutes and cost ZAR700 / USD80 / GBP60.

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