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I invite you to journey with me into the exciting world of quantum energy as I share with you my books, blog posts and lessons I learned the hard way through a challenging human experience of growth and trauma recovery.

“Nothing is a problem until it becomes a problem for you and then change is inevitable”


EM- Energy Matters where everyone’s energy matters and matters involving energy are discussed.

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Weird Shit!

Sometimes in order to solve life’s greatest existential conundrums one might need to engage in some really weird shit! Available to order now in ebook or paperback format by clicking this link to Amazon.com

Warthog Tales

A delightful children’s book about a wild warthog orphan, Twiggy the Piggy, who is raised on Livingstone Farm by Farmer Terry and her dogs. All the events in this reader are based on true stories. I actually lived with Farmer Terry for three months and sharing a home with wild warthogs was such an incredible experience it led to my writing debut. This book will delight all children from three years up and makes a wonderful self read for eight year-olds.

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