Intuitive Energy Balance

InnerTuition is empowerment through self discovery

Everything in nature craves resonance and balance. So often we do not live in harmony with the four aspects of ourselves: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Imbalances in these four aspects can show up in your life as feelings of unease, being out of harmony with yourself, physical symptoms and sometimes even illness. In these virtual Intuitive Energy Reading sessions we will explore the energy field and hear what your body is trying to tell you. The more you can learn about where imbalances have shown up in your energy field the easier it is for you to decide to make adjustments in your life to bring you back into resonance.

“Nothing is a problem until it becomes a problem for you and then change is inevitable”

Full body scan and chakra balance

Working online I can connect with your energy field. We begin by scanning the four aspects of your etheric body for blockages in energy flow. We then balance the four bodies to create a state of resonance and flow leaving you feeling centered and more in touch with yourself.


Reiki is a gentle practice of directing healing, soothing energies to the body. The energy field around the body has an innate intelligence and will pick up and direct these energies to those parts of the body that need them most. This is an incredibly relaxing treatment…

Journey work

In order to find your authentic voice you need to get to know all of you. This starts with meeting your Higher Self, that aspect of you that knows why you are here. Most people are unaware that there are four etheric aspects of themselves and it can be very useful to journey inward…

Let’s journey together to find ourselves and unleash joy in our lives

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