Journey work

From the moment we are born we are under the influence of our caretakers, be it our parents, extended family, teachers, community leaders, work associates, political leaders, religious leaders… So much influence is brought to bear on us, all teaching us how to be and act in the world in order to be loved, or to succeed, or to stay hidden… whatever our primary caretakers deemed was the best course of action for us to thrive according to their understanding of matters.

By the time we are old enough to start thinking for ourselves with any clarity, we are often so far removed from our authentic selves that we find ourselves at odds in our lives, feeling dissatisfied or frustrated, afraid to voice our thoughts, or perhaps angry and combative. This generally starts at around the teenage years when our neocortex develops fully and we start to see ourselves in context of everything around us. For many a period of rebellion ensues where the individual pushes back against the teachings and advice of their caretakers and begins to figure out for themselves who they are and how they intend to show up in their lives. For others, the indoctrinations have been so severe or so deeply ingrained that they find themselves simply following instructions with no voice at all.

There are as many variations of this situation as there are souls in the world. If you find yourself living a life that is not aligned with joy and happiness and you cannot escape that niggling feeling of dissatisfaction or frustration or that little voice in your head keeps whispering to you, “there’s got to be more to life than this,” it may be time to revisit your life story and find out who you really are and why you are here.

In order to find your authentic voice you need to get to know all of you. This starts with meeting your Higher Self, that aspect of you that knows why you are here. This aspect of your soul holds all of the answers you seek. It is the fullest expression of your soul. using a gentle mediation I will guide you to a safe place and we will invite your Higher Self to come and sit with us. This could be the beginning of a really exciting process of self discovery.

Something else that many people are unaware of, is that there are four etheric aspects of themselves and it can be very useful to journey inward to meet them in order to know yourself better. Again using meditation we can journey together to meet our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves. It can be very revealing to see how these aspects of self reveal themselves. Again this opens the possibility of some fascinating discourse as you explore yourself more fully.

Often in childhood things happened to us that left us feeling dis-empowered, lost, or overwhelmed. This may have led to us hiding parts of ourselves to protect our connection to our care givers. This can lead to us feeling “stuck’ or inauthentic. When things happened to us that our developing brains were nor equipped to process we employed our shadow self to help us out. Any experiences we could not fully or adequately process, are stored for us in our shadow self until we reach a time where we are ready to go back and relook at them with an adult mindset and additional skills and knowledge. Not all stored memories are traumatic, sometimes they are aspects of us that were simply not aligned with who we were taught we needed to be to succeed in the environment in which we grew up. Together we will take a light meditative journey to explore these various aspects and to find out more about what makes you who you are.

The variations of journey work are endless. I am happy to walk beside you as you explore aspects of yourself that you have hidden away for safe keeping, or perhaps to simply go on a journey of exploration to discover what it is about yourself that you do not yet know.

Sessions are conducted online and take between 45 to 60 minutes depending on what we are exploring. The cost is ZAR600 / USD65 / GBP50

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