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We spend a fortune on an overseas trip, a magnificent celebration (birthday/ anniversary/ special occasions), our engagement, our wedding. There’s always an official photographer and a pile of fabulous pictures that within a short time after the event never see the light of day again. Modern technology lets us keep everything on our phones, laptops or hard drives but those are hard to access and excessive scrolling looking for a favorite pic is often a futile exercise. Why not add into your event budget a relatively small amount to create a glorious coffee table book of your favorite photographs. That way they can be accessible to you at all times and you can relive those special moments again and again.

Special inspirations

My sister was lucky enough to meet a man who took her sailing around the world for almost a decade.  Sadly, he passed away suddenly and unexpectedly and she became completely stuck in her grief.  I took all the photographs from their sailing days and created a Sticky Corners photo book tribute to their relationship and the life they had shared together. By encapsulating that time between the pages of a book it was such a clear visual representation of that finite chapter in her life, a chapter that like the book, had an ending.  Revisiting those memories, and allowing herself to remember the happy times they shared together helped her to get in touch with her feelings again and begin to heal from her loss.

The one that made Sticky Corners a reality for me

I had a friend talk to me about a module she had written for a psychology degree she is studying. She had written a Reflective Portfolio of the work studied and how she had applied it in practical terms. She asked me to read her paper and suggest ways in which it could be “dollied up” to make it more creative.  The work included poetry and prose, song lyrics and so much personal journey work of a really difficult time in her life, it truly did deserve a magnificent showcase. I sourced suitably themed images to create a thread that ran throughout the work which supported, enhanced and amplified the written word.  Her document became a Sticky Corners photo book presentation. It completely blew her professors away and earned her an A grade.

Sticky Corners up and running

The software is free and anyone can do this… if they have the time and the passion. Since I retired from a corporate career of 25 years due to health problems, I find I have plenty of both. Whether its a wonderful holiday, a special event; or maybe you are obsessed with your fur babies and want them immortalized in print; or perhaps you have taken photographs of your children’s art throughout their school years and want to make a memory gallery… Let my passion create something wonderful with your precious memories.

How to

So many options available

Photo books can be A6, A5, A4, A3, landscape, portrait or square. The covers can be finished in Leatherette, Wibalin or Linen, with or without debossing which can be foiled in gold, silver, bronze or clear. Or you can customise your cover with your own photographs. I can add text, labels, lyrics… pretty much anything you desire for your Sticky Corners photo book.  An image theme can be applied for that extra special result. You can have anything from 28 – 100 pages depending on the size of the book, the material supplied and the scope of the project.

What I need from you

Your images need to be a decent size and print quality – the better the quality, the larger they can be displayed.  Most newer model camera phones take pretty usable images, but images pulled from social media will have been reduced in quality and as a rule cannot be used successfully for print. Images that have been retouched or that have had filters applied will not print well and the quality is not suitable.  If you have any old photographs that are especially precious they can be scanned and ‘repaired’ to some extent. Although this can be costly and time consuming and is not ideal, I do understand that sometimes it is necessary and I will do what I can to accommodate such requests. NB: Images need to be sorted into logical groups – remember I’m not familiar with the subjects. The easiest way to keep the costs down is to do the preparation work. However, I am more than willing to do it for you.

How it works

My process involves an initial consultation to discuss the project during which I will get a feel for the content, the material quality and the emotional temperature of the book.  We can discuss the size and parameters of the book and get ourselves onto the same page.  Once we decide to work together, I will prepare a comprehensive quote. Should you accept the quote I require a deposit to cover my research and design component.  It generally takes between 5-10 days from receipt of organized material to complete the layout.  You will receive an electronic format proof to approve prior to printing.  Limited changes can be accommodated for one proof set only, thereafter additional charges will be incurred at a per page rate.  Once the proof has been accepted, no further changes can be made to the work.  I submit the work online to the printer and take delivery of the finished article.  The book can either be collected from me or I can send it to you with a courier service. No printing will be undertaken until full payment has been received.

Where am I?

I am in Constantia, Cape Town, South Africa. The initial consultation can be done via Skype and provided the material supplied is all electronic, we won’t let geography get in the way… life’s too short for limits. Just know that your delivery costs are linked to your proximity to Cape Town and we may need a little extra time chatting getting to understand what is required. Wherever you are situated, let Sticky Corners take care of your memories and precious moments.

The desired outcome

Thank you for trusting me with your precious memories.  Please know that I work respectfully with your images and I undertake to create a Sticky Corners photo book for you that you will be proud to put on your table and share with your friends and family.


How much you ask?

Let’s chat on Whatsapp, Messenger or phone on +27825563827 or go to Contact Us and let’s see if we can work some magic together.  Prices depend entirely on the size of the Sticky Corners photo book, the number of pages, the quality of the images and what extras are to be included, but a flat fee of R500 is the starting point.

Covers are available in a soft cover; a standard hardcover in a range of colours; Leatherette, Wibalin or Linen covers are also available; or personalise your cover with your own images. Debossing and foiling can be applied to certain covers.

Sourcing of themed images, prose and so on require additional time, as does retyping or reformatting of poetry and other written material.

Everything must be supplied in electronic format as far as possible. Exceptions to be discussed individually.

The following pricing is a guideline only and a customised quotation will be prepared once we have chatted:

Design and layout

  • First consultation: No charge
  • Preparation:  R100.00 per hour to source themed images; group and format images; scan/repair photographs; and prepare the image folders for design. If you are fully prepared you can avoid this cost.
  • Page setup: minimum price R500.00 for a 28 page photo book
  • Additional pages at R20.00 per page (double page spread)
  • Provide electronic proofs for approval: no charge
  • Changes to first proofs: no charge
  • Subsequent changes from second proof onwards: R10.00 per page


  • Printing costs are subject to change by supplier and will be confirmed prior to order.  NB: this is a guideline only and prices vary depending on the type of cover and range from the cheapest option – soft cover to the top of the range personalised hardcover:
  • A6 – 28 pg R130.00 to R250.00 + R6.00 per additional page
  • A5 – 28 pg R190.00 to R375.00 + R8.00 per additional page
  • A4 – 28 pg R300.00 to R600.00 + R10.00 per additional page
  • A3 – 28 pg R700.00 to R850.00 + R20.00 per additional page
  • 200x200mm – 28 pg R300.00 to R450.00 + R10.00 per additional page
  • 300x300mm – 28 pg R600.00 to R750.00 + R20.00 per additional page

* It is possible to print up to 100 copies of your photo book. Discounts on multiple copies apply.


  • Photo books can be collected from Sticky Corners in Constantia, Cape Town
  • Alternatively courier costs are area dependent and will quoted at time of delivery if required.

Let’s build something together

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