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A jack of all trades is master of none,

but oftentimes better than master of one.

I embrace a multi-facetted approach to life focused on being rather than doing. All the various services I provide are listed here on my web page. I invite you to journey with me into the exciting world of quantum energy as I share with you my books, blog posts and lessons I learned the hard way through a challenging human experience of growth and trauma recovery. How might I be of service?

“Nothing is a problem until it becomes a problem for you and then change is inevitable”

My favorite quote from my book Weird Shit

My latest Book

Sometimes in order to solve life’s greatest existential conundrums one might need to engage in some really… Weird Shit!

Weird Shit Book Trailer

What readers are saying about this book: Weird Shit has triggered emotions and experiences that had remained hidden for over 62 years —- this book is a game changer — powerful and written with honesty and authenticity — epic story of an epic journey that is both touching and inspiring. I was gripped the entire time and at the end felt like I had just watched a very good movie. Loved it! — your writing is so readably articulate — your book has awakened so much that I thought I had dealt with — I am completely in awe and blown away — I believe the brutal yet beautiful raw honesty of your story will help so many people who suffer in silence — flipping fantastic book, hooked me in — consider this to be essential reading for every single person everywhere — delightfully humerous and scratchily affectionate — easy to read —

EM- Energy Matters where everyone’s energy matters and matters involving energy are discussed.

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Intuitive Energy Services

  • Full body scan & Chakra balance with etheric body alignment
  • Journey work to meet your higher self, the four aspects of self, your inner child or to connect with any aspect of your life you wish to revisit.
  • Reiki gentle supportive treatment
  • Quantum Genius biofeedback scan/balance

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Available for speaking engagements

Janice Melmed

Author and energy intuitive

Based in Cape Town South Africa but I do work remotely on Zoom, FB messenger or Whatsapp video

If you have any questions about any of the services or products I offer, drop me an email or a text.

Email: melmedjanice@gmail.com

Mobile: +27 825563827

FB: EM-energy matters@janicemelmedauthor

INSTA: @janicemelmedauthor

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