Gentle loving kindness

Image by Jill Wellington courtesy pexels Reviving a lost art I’ve been feeling quite overwhelmed lately. There has been so much going on in my life and I have felt pulled in so many directions at once. Distracted, and not fully present, I reversed my car into a lamp post and jarred to a stop.Continue reading “Gentle loving kindness”

13. Living in balance

It’s a four-part affair Thinking about starting to make some changes in your life? Needing to do some life assessment, some self-exploration? Looking for a more balanced reality? Don’t know where to start? There is some important information here that could help you with your self-enquiry. My personal belief is that we are spiritual beingsContinue reading “13. Living in balance”

Mother’s Day

image by Quang Nguyen Vinh from Pexels A divine feminine celebration Happy Mother’s Day! It seems like such a joy-filled phrase doesn’t it? So all inclusive and wonderful. Well it’s certainly a powerful message of recognition for one of the most profound roles anyone can ever play. But, not all women are created equal and for some it is aContinue reading “Mother’s Day”


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