11. Are you living the life you chose?

Living in seven-year cycles Let me start with a simple philosophy, we are souls living a human experience through the medium of love and its many distortions. In our last discussion I spoke about how we travel in soul groups as a collective consciousness with the purpose of mastering a specific aspect of humanity. Before weContinue reading “11. Are you living the life you chose?”

10. Building a blueprint for life

Self-mastery one lifetime at a time For this blog I am once again delving into the quantum space. I may talk about concepts you’ve never encountered before. I ask that you read to the end before deciding whether this is madness or inspired. You never know it may surprise you. I’ve spoken quite a lotContinue reading “10. Building a blueprint for life”

09. The shadow self

Living in illusion In my last blog about self-worth, I referenced the shadow self. I have read and explored much on this subject and I have been given many perspectives on what our shadow is. Much of what I was initially told about shadow was coloured by the perspective of the person imparting the information. This personContinue reading “09. The shadow self”