07. So who’s running the show?

Conscious lifestyle management

Welcome back to EM. Last time we had a look at the word consciousness and I shared insights from my life’s experience. The energy of the word is incredibly powerful and leads us, well it certainly did for me, to examine our beliefs and our understanding of who we are and what life is really all about. That led me quite seamlessly to question whether consciousness and spirituality were one and the same thing which segued straight into the question: “So what about religion?”

We have spoken about being mindful in our lives and taking responsibility for our actions. We’ve explored meditation as a way of quietening our minds and practicing self-care. We’ve discussed consciousness and the fact that we are unique souls in our own right, and then we’ve looked at spirituality as the acceptance of infinite possibility. Everything in life is part of a web of energy with varying vibrational frequencies. All of that leads me to my next question being, “So who’s running the show”? Who is in charge of that infinite possibility and how does it relate to me in my life?

I remember when I started school at the tender age of four being laughed at by all the children when the teacher asked me, “where do all the people live?” and I answered, “the universe”. She was looking for the world, but on some level, I think I was onto something. I believe that our world is but a small spec of a planet in the vast cosmos of the universe. It is a planet where souls come to explore the concept of humanity. I believe that we need to master all aspects of humanity to finally exit this reality. Further to that, I believe there are other levels of existence out there that we cannot perceive. I don’t engage in conversations about aliens and spaceships as I know nothing of that beyond a podcast I once watched about something called The Galactic Federation of Light. The concept was so alien to me, pardon the pun, that cognitive dissonance kicked in and I onboarded nothing other than the title. However, I am quite content for that to remain my reality. That does not mean I deny the possibility of the existence of alien life forces, I’m simply far too preoccupied with the complexities of the human existence to incorporate anything else… right now.

My limited experience with various religions seems to suggest that whoever each of their particular version of a deity is, is the head honcho, the ‘big guy in the sky’, the all-knowing, all wise, all that is. Our job in our limited single lifetime is to live a life of grace and to seek out our spirituality in order to gain access to the higher realms and thereby achieve enlightenment. By submitting our wills to that particular deity, we will attain eternal rest on high.

I have personally experienced many past life regressions and have read plentiful books and listened to many people who believe in so much more than that. My personal experiences have convinced me that we have many lifetimes here on earth experiencing all the various aspects of humanity. We have each been beggars and thieves, kings and courtesans, perpetrators and victims, bad guys and good guys… there are so many different aspects to humanity it is simply not feasible to imagine that they could all be mastered in one go. But that is a subject for another day.

My own personal philosophy has developed over time as I unravelled the tangled mess of who I had been told I was, in order to discover the wonder of who I really am. It is a simple philosophy and differs in one important aspect from what I was taught. I believe we are not humans seeking spiritual enlightenment through the intercession of a deity, but rather:

“We are spiritual beings, living a human existence, through the medium of love.”

I believe that to be a solid framework for the human experience. Love is a many facetted medium and there are as many distortions of love as there are people to distort it; lack of love, conditional love, suffocating love, absence of love, fear of love…

We come from the greater cosmos to master humanity, (Earth is the planet where that is handled) and we keep working at it until we master all aspects of it, at which point we reach that state called enlightenment. Then we return home (Upstairs) and no longer need to incarnate as human. We have many lifetimes available to us and often spend more than one on the same lesson or aspect of humanity. To me that accounts for the vastly different levels of human experience on earth; how some people appear to be so enlightened and others steeped in ignorant bliss. What happens to us after that enlightenment is achieved however, is beyond the scope of my understanding and I wait to see one day when I have finally attained enlightenment. I’m not sure when that will be because I have been told by numerous psychics and mediums that I am many lifetimes deep working on the particular aspect I came here to master – self-worth. Knowing what my mission in life is, has helped me to begin to make sense of all the trauma and horror I have experienced. Every time I was unloved or unvalidated, it was an opportunity for me to find my own worth. Because I was living unconsciously with no concept of myself as a soul, I lived for far too long in the no-man’s land of denial and invisibility, acting like a commodity. Consequently, I spent longer in misery and solitude than I needed to.

So, who is in charge? Well, I don’t much mind what or who you consider it to be. God, Hashem, Allah, Buddha, Jesus, Shiva…, the list is long and varied, but I refer to this concept as Upstairs. That is a construct of my religious learnings as a child where we spoke about God on high and we always lifted our eyes to the heavens, so Up seemed to be the right direction. Given that our human experience is played out in a binary construct, we have Us and Them. They are Upstairs and we are here on Earth. They are all knowing and we are the seekers. I firmly believe that energy matters are wholly non-denominational and whilst I completely embrace the need for religious instruction and order, I believe that the evolution of a soul is a very personal matter and is far beyond the submission of a person’s will and the following of the guidelines for living with grace that seem to be the domain of the religious texts that I have encountered.

Energy neither recognises nor denies the existence of any deity, but rather encompasses all under the collective term (at least in my interpretation of matters), Upstairs. Far be it from me to suggest that what you believe in is wrong, but there are so many variations of rightness in our world all claiming to the only right way to be, that a collective noun just seemed the simplest option to me. I levy no disrespect in this regard, I merely wish to simplify matters for the purposes of writing. I trust that you will afford me the same courtesy. Everything I wish to discuss with you relates to the human experience and I cannot muddy the waters by including or excluding any sect, religious belief, doctrine or dogma, and so Upstairs it is when I speak about the greater cosmos and the source of all that is. The aetheists and agnostics, if there are any of you here, please allow my concept of Upstairs as a holding place for the information and do not feel pressured to either accept or deny it. Be where you are at and own your position.

When it comes to who is in charge of your life however, things get a whole lot simpler. There is only you. You are in control of every single response you make to every single event or occurrence in your life, and the subsequent result of those choices. There is so much I wish to share with you on this subject, but in the interests of brevity and allowing for some cogitation and thinking space about what, to some of you, may seem like very weird ideas, I will keep it to bite sized chunks and leave it there for today. A wise woman once taught me that if someone believes something to be true, then that is their truth. No one else has the right to dissuade them of that truth unless they are seeking additional information and wish to change or expand their understanding or reality.

As always, I offer you my understanding of things. I encourage you at all times to question and decide for yourself what you want to accept and onboard. I’m always interested to hear your opinions and I encourage feedback. However, it is essential to understand this vital truth as we journey together:

“We don’t have to agree on a single thing to be kind to one another”.

So, disagree with me by all means, own your different perspective, but know that bullying or shaming are not acceptable in my world. I truly believe that only once we learn to celebrate our differences, can we fully embrace our similarities.

Aim to always listen with EMpathy,
and EMbolden yourself to dream.
As you EMerge from your learned way of being,
celebrate as you EMbrace your full potential.
EMancipating yourself from your limitations,
EMpowers you to live with greater clarity and joy!

Until next time when I will discuss the importance of self-worth, be kind to one another and honour yourself as the unique and special soul that you are.

© Copyright 2020 – Janice Melmed

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