Mother’s Day

image by Quang Nguyen Vinh from Pexels A divine feminine celebration Happy Mother’s Day! It seems like such a joy-filled phrase doesn’t it? So all inclusive and wonderful. Well it’s certainly a powerful message of recognition for one of the most profound roles anyone can ever play. But, not all women are created equal and for some it is aContinue reading “Mother’s Day”

10. Building a blueprint for life

Self-mastery one lifetime at a time For this blog I am once again delving into the quantum space. I may talk about concepts you’ve never encountered before. I ask that you read to the end before deciding whether this is madness or inspired. You never know it may surprise you. I’ve spoken quite a lotContinue reading “10. Building a blueprint for life”

09. The shadow self

Living in illusion In my last blog about self-worth, I referenced the shadow self. I have read and explored much on this subject and I have been given many perspectives on what our shadow is. Much of what I was initially told about shadow was coloured by the perspective of the person imparting the information. This personContinue reading “09. The shadow self”