05. Consciousness vs spirituality

Expanded thinking for personal empowerment Hello again and thank you for continuing on this journey and a warm EM welcome to anyone joining us for the first time. Last time we had a look at the word consciousness and I shared insights from my life’s experience. The energy of the word is incredibly powerful and leadsContinue reading “05. Consciousness vs spirituality”

04. Consciousness as a way of life

What exactly is this consciousness we are striving to achieve? Hello again and thank you for continuing on this journey. A warm EM welcome to anyone  joining us for the first time. On the premise that everything is energy and has a vibrational frequency that can be affected by external forces and thereby changed, IContinue reading “04. Consciousness as a way of life”

03. Meditation as a gateway to consciousness

An introduction to the art and practice of meditation and the many benefits thereof. Welcome back to EM and the wonderful world of consciousness. Our journey thus far has introduced you to EM and the reasons why I decided to launch it at this time. We then looked at Albert Einstein’s famous equation E=mc² andContinue reading “03. Meditation as a gateway to consciousness”